SevenRooms | Tripleseat Integration

Celebrate One Book!

Our seamless, real-time integration with Tripleseat lets you view private event bookings alongside table reservations in SevenRooms.

7R x Tripleseat.png

One Book for Tables & Events

SevenRooms is a hospitality technology company that helps operators unlock the full revenue potential of it’s guest data and relationships. Our operations, marketing and guest engagement solutions empower operators to maximize profits, build brand loyalty and enable personalized guest experiences.

We believe deeply in an open and connected tech ecosystem. Our integration with Tripleseat gives you full visibility into private event bookings right alongside table reservations -- complete with set-up and breakdown times! Now, that’s a reason to celebrate. 

Here’s why you’ll love this integration:

  • Zero risk of double-booking tables in SevenRooms
  • No need to cross check with Events staff
  • Automatic communication from Event Sales to Operations
  • Full visibility means you can hit maximum booking capacity

“With SevenRooms and Tripleseat connected to each other, hosting events at our property has never been easier. The integration means that our service team isn’t left in the dark when a big party books an event. Plus, the real-time syncing helps our hosts to stay in the loop when a last minute, large reservation books, and they can plan accordingly.”

LDV.jpeg--  Bryan Siegel, Director of Hospitality at LDV Hospitality